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Rydell Beltech Pty Ltd is the Australian arm of Ammeraal Beltech, a world leader in process and conveyor belting. Ammeraal Beltech have the widest selection of belts covering all industries from Airports to Food to Warehouses, this quality range is stocked across all states of Australia for quick delivery, and they can be supplied endless or fitted to your conveyor by our experienced team of belt technicians. Ammeraal Beltech supply many major equipment suppliers as original fittment. Rydell can supply any belt in the Ammeraal Beltech range.

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AMtex Belting

AMtex belting is a revolutionary range of PVC belts, incorporating the very latest manufacturing techniques. AMtex belts are virtually stretchless with exceptional ply adhesion characteristics. The compounds used in AMtex belts are of the highest quality, to be mineral and oil resistant or FDA Vegetable oil resistant. AMtex belts are available in a number of different plies, colors and surface finishes to suit a wide variety of applications. Amtex belts are exclusive to if you need a high quality belt, ask about the AMtex range with your nearest branch.


We have thousands of belt types at our disposal and we can fit them on-site for you 24/7.

Call your nearest branch for further advice.

2017 Specification Brochure


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Conveyor Belt Profiles & Patterns

Crescent top Pattern

Wedgegrip Pattern

3/4 ply Transmission Belt picture

Lumberjack Belt picture

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Conveyor Belt Installation and Maintenance

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Conveyor Belting Tolerances

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Recommendations

Ammeraal Beltech special fabrications

Pulley lagging materials


VIC Ph: (03) 8780 6000
NSW Ph: (02) 8664 9800
QLD Ph: (07) 3375 6211
SA Ph: (08) 8162 9922
WA Ph: (08) 9249 3777
HAST Ph: (03) 5979 4447








Rydell Beltech Pty Ltd....
your one stop belt shop..providing belting solutions.





VIC Ph: (03) 8780 6000
NSW Ph: (02) 8664 9800
QLD Ph: (07) 3375 6211
SA Ph: (08) 8162 9922
WA Ph: (08) 9249 3777
HAST Ph: (03) 5979 4447

























Watch our informative video on how splice
our ZIPLINK conveyor belting.






VIC Ph: (03) 8780 6000
NSW Ph: (02) 8664 9800
QLD Ph: (07) 3375 6211
SA Ph: (08) 8162 9922
WA Ph: (08) 9249 3777
HAST Ph: (03) 5979 4447









Watch how our ZIPLOCK join can be used to
eliminate belt fasteners and give you a
seamless splice on your belt


Belt Applications

Food and Confectionery

Logistics and Airports

Meat, Poultry and Fish

Bakery and Dough

Fruit and Vegetables

Belt Literature
Food / Fruit and Vegetables

Amseal Edge sealing Anti-Microbial belt   Blue belting       Food Safety         Kleenedge belting

Corrugated Board

Corrugated board         Overview         Ziplink belting       Flexo folders        Modular belting

Logistics and Warehouses

Logistic Overview    Logistic overview   Distribution belts     Curve belts        Energy Saving


Airport overview      Check-in belts       Hi-Impact belts    Airport matting


Mail overview        Mail feeder belts

Paper and Print

Overview             Sheeter belts      Die box cutter belts    Folder tape belts    Ultrafeed belts

Meat and Poultry

Overview                   PVC belts             PU belts          Amsqueeze belts         Blue Belts

Wood / Panelboard / Sawmills

Overview              Wood sanding     Lacquering belts      Forming belts         ATEX belts

Bakery and Dough

Overview         AmDough Endless belts   Ultrasync belts     Depanner belts     Ultranyl Belts


Overview            Premium Ropanyl belts   Curve belts


Amseal belts       Blue belts    Sausage Manufacturing  Amsqueeze belts  Anti-Microbial belting


Permaline belts    Self tracking belts

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